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Practical teachers organise their practical work in Grenoble clean room facilities at the Inter-university Centre for MicroElectronics (CIME)
and in research laboratories.



(CP: Core Practical)

(3 days for CP1 and CP3, 2 days for CP2 and 1 day for CP4)


  • CP1: “Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)” (PDF)
             Modeling and characterization of a pressure gauge


  • CP2: “Submicron MOSFET modeling and characterization" (PDF)

  • CP3: "Fabrication technologies and electrical characterization of semiconductor devices" (PDF)


  • CP4: “BioChips ” Introduction to DNA microarray technology and application to comparative genomic hybridization (PDF)



II. NEAR-FIELD MICROSCOPIES (1 day) this practical is assigned, by the ESONN practicals responsibles, to participants according to their AFM and STM level, independently of their choices.


  • CP5: Practical work on Scanning Probe Microscopies (PDF) (at CIME or in a research laboratory):
    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
    Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)




Practicals to be chosen within the following list and put in the online application form by preference order.
You can choose any practicals you would like to join, whatever session you apply to.


  • 01: FIB-SEM nano-tomography for materials science
    Pierre-Henri Jouneau, IRIG/MEM-CEA (PDF)


  • 02: Surface analysis, an introduction to XPS
    Grégory Berthomé, SIMaP, Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 04: Introduction to e-beam Lithography & Focus Ion Beam (FIB)
    Jean-François Motte, Institut Néel. (PDF)


  • 05: Growth by van der Waals epitaxy and characterization of two-dimensional transition metal diselenides
    Mathieu Jamet, SPINTEC-CEA, Alain Marty, CEA & Frederique Bonell, CNRS. (PDF)


  • 07: Skyrmionic Bubbles: Fabrication, characterisation
    Laurent Ranno, Institut Néel. (PDF)


  • 12: Spintronics: Characterisation of perpendicular anisotropy MRAM cells
    Ricardo Sousa, SPINTEC-CEA, Louis Farcis, CEA. (PDF)


  • 13: Electronic tongue: principle,construction and analysis of complex mixture
    Vanessa Escobar & Yanxia Hou-Broutin, IRIG/SyMMES-CEA. (PDF)


  • 14: Chemical synthesis of perovskite nanocrystals, their microscopic and spectroscopic characterization
    Dmitry Aldakov & Peter Reiss, IRIG/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 15: Fabrication and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells with variable optical transmission.
    Renaud Demadrille, Antonio Riquelme Exposito & Diego Mirani, IRIG/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 16: Spintronics Based Radiofrequency Nano-Oscillator: From Spin Polarized Current Induced Excitations towards Applications
    Ursula Ebels & Philippe Talatchian, IRIG/SPINTEC-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 17: Local deformation and mechanical properties by nano-indentation
    Marc Verdier, SIMAP. (PDF)


  • 18: AFM: Structural defects and magnetic domain imaging
    Marc Verdier, SIMAP. (PDF)


  • 19: Integrated circuit design using Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: from schematic to layout for analog and digital applications
    Gregory di Pendina & Guillaume Prenat, IRIG/SPINTEC-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 20: Photon-magnon coupling using superconducting resonators
    Ali Badreldin, CNRS – Institut Néel – UGA & Matias Urdampilleta, CNRS – Institut Néel. (PDF)

  • 21: Funtionalization of Gold nanoparticles for the instrument-free detection of Adenosine in a Bio-assay
    Yoann Roupioz, IRIG/SyMMES. (PDF)


  • 23: Radio-Frequency Reflectometry at low temperature on silicon quantum dots
    Xavier Jehl & Boris Brun-Barrière, CEA/PHELIQS/LATEQS. (PDF)


  • 24: Bacterial stress monitoring with optical micro-resonators
    Emmanuel Picard, UGA, CEA, Grenoble INP-UGA, IRIG/PHELIQS/SiNaPS
    Khouloud Arfaoui, UGA, CNRS, CEA, Grenoble INP-UGA, LTM, IRIG. (PDF)


  • 25: Realtime detection of a single electron in silicon quantum dots
    Pierre Hamonic & Ali Badreldin,
    CNRS, Institut Néel, UGA (PDF)

  • 26: Directed self assembly of high-χ copolymers for ultra high resolution lithography
    Marc Zelsmann, LTM/IRIG/PHELIQS & Gianluca Forcina, LTM-CNRS. (PDF)


  • 27: Manipulation of a single spin in diamond at room temperature
    Benjamin Pigeau & Olivier Arcizet, Institut Néel, CNRS. (PDF)


  • 28: Quantum transport simulation: Non-Equilibrium-Green’s Functions methods
    Alessandro Cresti, CNRS, CROMA. (PDF)


  • 29: Introduction to Time of Flight Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)
    Vincent Thoreton, CEA-LETI. (PDF)


  • 30: Simple Approach to Micropattern animal Cells on Common Culture Substrates at CIME
    Florence Marchi, CNRS & Emmanuelle Planus, UGA. (PDF)


  • 34: Continuous flow aqueous synthesis of luminescent AgInS2 nanocrystals and optical characterization
    Peter Reiss, IRIG/SyMMES. (PDF)


  • 39: Nanostructured zirconia powders by spray pyrolysis for clean energy: fabrication, structural and microstructural characterizations.
    Elisabeth Djurado, PHELMA/Grenoble-INP. (PDF)


  • 41: Proteins and nanoparticle assemblies and interactions by AUC and SEC/MALS
    Aline Le Roy & Caroline Mas, IBS. (PDF)


  • 42: Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer - Cell imaging analysis of protein interactions
    Jean-Philippe Kleman, Oleksandr Glushonkov, Johanna Timmins & Rose-Laure Revel-Goyet, IBS. (PDF)


  • 43: Optical methods and biosensors for investigation of biomolecules and their interactions: SPR and BLI
    Jean-Baptiste Reiser, IBS. (PDF)

  • 45: Surface analyses by XPS and Auger spectroscopy of electrodes materials for lithium ions batteries
    Jorge Morales, LITEN/CEA-TECH. (PDF)


  • 49: Biochip Photopatterning : surface functionalization for cell on a chip applications
    Martial Balland, LiPhy, CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 55: Confocal microscopy : reconstituting living sample in 3D
    Martial Balland, LiPhy, CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 56: Cryo-Electron Microscopy: sample preparation and visualization using a Polara and a Krios electron microscope both equipped with a direct electron detector
    Guy Schoehn & Eleftherios Zarkadas, IBS-ESRF. (PDF)


  • 60: Fabrication of a micro-fluidic device with integrated hard magnetic micro-flux sources for particle manipulation
    Thibaut Devillers, Institut Néel, CNRS/UGA. (PDF)


  • 61: An approach of nanomedicine: synthesis and characterization of curcumin-loaded lipid nanoparticles and their formulation for topical delivery
    Emilie Rustique & Isab
    elle Texier, CEA, LETI-Health, Laboratory of Chemistry, Sensors and Biomaterials. (PDF)

  • 66: High-resolution 3D printing for the investigation of cell sensitivity to multiscale geometrical cues.
    Aida  Gabriela Fernandez Contreras & Alice Nicolas, LTM/UGA. (PDF)

  • 69: Biosensing with graphene based field effect transistors
    Bruno Fernandez & Cécile Delacour, Institut Néel, CNRS/UGA. (PDF)

  • 70: Quantum oscillations in topological materials
    Alexandre Pourret & Georg Knebel, UGA, CEA/IRIG/PHELIQS. (PDF)


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