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Half of the formation is devoted to practicals, which are held in Grenoble clean room facilities at the Inter-university Centre for MicroElectronics (CIME) and in research laboratories.


(CP: Core Practical)

I. PRACTICALS IN CLEAN ROOM FACILITIES AT CIME (3 days for CP1 and CP3, 2 days for CP2 and 1 day for CP4)


  • CP1: “Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)” (PDF)
    Modeling and characterization of a pressure gauge


  • CP2: “Submicron MOSFET modeling and characterization" (PDF)

  • CP3: "Fabrication technologies and electrical characterization of semiconductor devices" (PDF)


  • CP4: “BioChips ” Introduction to DNA microarray technology and application to comparative genomic hybridization (PDF)





  • CP5: Practical work on Scanning Probe Microscopies (PDF) (at CIME or in a research laboratory):
    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
    Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)




Practicals to be chosen within the following list
You can choose physics, chemistry and biology practicals whatever session you apply to.


  • 01: FIB-SEM nano-tomography for materials science.
    Pierre-Henri Jouneau, INAC/MEM-CEA and UGA. (PDF)


  • 02: Surface analysis : an introduction to XPS.
    Grégory Berthomé, Science et Ingénierie des Matériaux et Procédés, SIMAP-Grenoble INP, CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 03: Optical Phonons in low dimensional systems
    Nedjma Bendiab and Laëtitia Marty, Institut Néel-CNRS and UGA. (PDF)

  • 04: Introduction to e-Beam Lithography and Focus Ion Beam (FIB)
    Jean-François Motte, Institut Néel-CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 05: Growth by van der Waals epitaxy and characterization of two-dimensional transition metal diselenides
    Mathieu Jamet, Alain Marty and Minh-Tuan Dau, INAC/Spintec-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP.(PDF)


  • 07: Skymionic  Bubbles : Fabrication, characterisation
    Laurent Ranno, Institut Néel-CNRS and UGA.(PDF)


  • 08: Electro-migration technique to fabricate a single molecule transistor
    Franck Balestro and Hugo Biard, Institut Néel-CNRS and UGA.(PDF)


  • 09: Characterization of nanostructures by Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Jean-Luc Rouvière,
    CEA-CNRS-UGA Team “Nanophysics and Semiconductors”, Institut Néel, Grenoble, INAC/MEM/LEMMA, Minatec-CEA and UGA. (PDF)


  • 10: Nonlinear response of plasmonic nanoantennas
    Guillaume Bachelier and Maëliss Ethys de Corny, Institut Néel, CNRS-UGA. (PDF)


  • 12: Spintronics: characterisation of perpendicular anisotropy MRAM cells
    Ricardo Sousa and Antoine Chavent, INAC/SPINTEC-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 13: Electronic tongue: principle, construction and analysis of complex mixtures
    Yanxia Hou-Broutin, INAC/SyMMES-CEA,
    UGA and CNRS. (PDF)

  • 14: Chemical synthesis of perovskite nanocrystals, their microscopic and spectroscopic characterization
    Peter Reiss and Dmitry Aldakov, INAC/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 15: Polymer-based bulk-heterojunction solar cells
    Renaud Demadrille and Olivier Bardagot, INAC/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 16: Spintronics Based Radiofrequency Nano-Oscillator: From Spin Polarized Current Induced Excitations towards Applications
    Ursula Ebels, Pankaj Sethi, Artem Litvinenko and Vadym Iurchuk, INAC/SPINTEC-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 17: Local deformation and mechanical properties by nano-indentation
    Marc Verdier, SIMAP, CNRS, Grenoble INP and UGA. (PDF)


  • 18: AFM: Structural defects and magnetic domain imaging
    Bruno Gilles, SIMAP, CNRS, Grenoble INP and UGA. (PDF)


  • 19: Integrated circuit design using Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: from schematic to layout for analog and digital applications
    Gregory di Pendina and Guillaume Prenat, INAC/SPINTEC-CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP. (PDF)

  • 21: Funtionalization of Gold nanoparticles for the instrument-free detection of Adenosine in a Bio-assay
    Yoann Roupioz, INAC/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 23: Radio-Frequency Reflectometry at low temperature on silicon quantum dots
    Xavier Jehl, INAC/PHELIQS-CEA and UGA. (PDF)


  • 25: Seeing real-time electron tunneling processes
    Tristan Meunier and Pierre-André Mortemousque, Institut Néel - CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 27: Manipulation of a single spin in diamond at room temperature
    Benjamin Pigeau et Olivier Arcizet,
    Institut Néel - CNRS and UGA. (PDF)

  • 28: Quantum transport simulation: Non-Equilibrium-Green’s Functions methods
    Alessandro Cresti, IMEP-CNRS, Grenoble INP and UGA. (PDF)


  • 29: Synthesis of silicon nanowire powder in mass for lithium-ion batteries
    Pascale Chenevier, INAC/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 30: Simple Approach to Micropattern animal Cells on Common Culture Substrates : Fluorescent Microscopy and AFM Characterization
    Emanuelle Planus, Virginie Stoppin-Mellet, CIME. (PDF)

  • 32: Single-wire LED emitting strong blue light grown by metalorganic vapor phase-epitaxy
    Christophe Durand, INAC/PHELIQS-CEA and UGA. (PDF)


  • 37: Realisation and characterisation of nanowires Field Effect Transistor
    Bassem Salem, LTM - CNRS. (PDF)


  • 39: Fabrication of nanostructured zirconia powders by spray pyrolysis for energy and biodomain. Structural and microstructural characterizations
    Elisabeth Djurado, LEPMI, Grenoble INP. (PDF)


  • 41: Proteins and nanoparticle assemblies and interactions by AUC and SEC/MALS
    Christine Ebel and Aline Le Roy, Institut de Biologie Structurale, CNRS, CEA and
    UGA. (PDF)


  • 42: Cell imaging analysis of protein interactions and dynamics in living cells
    Françoise Lacroix, Joanna Timmins and Jean‐Philippe Kleman, Institut de Biologie Structurale, CNRS, CEA and UGA. (PDF)


  • 43: Study of biomolecular interactions by surface plasmon resonance biosensor analysis (BIAcore technology)
    Jean-Baptiste Reiser, Institut de Biologie Structurale, CNRS, CEA and UGA. (PDF


  • 45: Surface analyses by XPS and Auger spectroscopy of electrodes materials for lithium ions batteries
    Anass Benayad and Jorge Morales, LITEN/CEA-TECH. (PDF)


  • 47: Single protein localization and molecular mobility measurements in cells by fluorescence microscopy techniques.
    Alexei Grichine and Mylène Pezet, IAB. (PDF)


  • 48: Electronic microscopy of natural polymers.
    Christine Lancelon-Pin & Jean-Luc Putaux. (PDF)


  • 49: Time resolved Traction force microscopy to unravel cell interaction with their microenvironment.
    Martial Balland, LiPhy, CNRS-UGA. (PDF)


  • 56: Cryo-Electron Microscopy: sample preparation and visualization using a Polara and a Krios electron microscope both equipped with a direct electron detector
    Guy Schoehn and Isai Kandiah, IBS and ESRF. (PDF)

  • 60: Fabrication of a micro-fluidic device with integrated hard magnetic micro-flux sources for particle manipulation
    Thibaut Devillers, Institut Néel, CNRS-UGA. (PDF)


  • 61: An approach of nanomedicine: synthesis and characterization of curcumin-loaded lipid nanoparticles and their formulation for topical delivery
    Dorothée Jary, Isabelle Texier, CEA-LETI. (PDF)


  • 64: Microbeads based technology for antibodies detection
    David Peyrade and Anthony Leonard, LTM-CNRS and UGA. (PDF)


  • 65: Fabrication and characterisation of a hybrid perovskite solar cell
    Dmitry Aldakov and Asma Medjahed, INAC/SyMMES-CEA, UGA and CNRS. (PDF)


  • 67: Electrical characterization of semiconductor nanostructures using ultra high vacuum AFM techniques
    Martin Kogelschatz and Amit Singh, LTM/CNRS-UGA. (PDF)


  • 68: Cell polarization on rigidity-patterned substrates
    Sara Bouizakarne, Alice Nicolas, LTM CNRS-UGA. (PDF)